Offensive Woes: 49ers Unable to Find Consistency in Critical Stretch

Offensive Woes: 49ers Unable to Find Consistency in Critical Stretch


The 49ers’ offense needs two boosts: a much better quarterback than quarterback Nick Mullens had Sunday against the Eagles, and a much better performance from the offensive line in passing and rushing.Jimmy Garoppolo’s potential return — he returned to practice Wednesday — should address the first issue. And perhaps Sunday’s matchup with the Dolphins, whose defense ranks 31st in DVOA, will be a good opportunity to work on another problem.

“We have to be sharper in general,” coach Kyle Shanahan said of San Francisco’s offensive line. “We need to pay more attention to it.


“There is a real sense of urgency behind the task knowing the opponents that await the 49ers after the Dolphins. The Rams, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, Rams (again) and Bills follow the schedule. A constantly random attack and its inevitable byproduct, an overexposed defense, just won’t cut it.How exactly could the 49ers recapture last season’s lethal efficiency, especially in run blocking?

It seems like so long ago, but the 49ers broke NFC Championship Game records this calendar year, averaging 6.8 yards per carry.To appreciate this, we have to wonder why the offensive line’s performance has declined so far this season. More detailed numbers provided by Football Outsiders show exactly where the struggles have been..

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