Pistons’ Historic Losing Streak Continues, Eyes NBA Record

Pistons’ Historic Losing Streak Continues, Eyes NBA Record

The Detroit Pistons have had a terrible experience this 2023-24 NBA regular season and recently set the record for the longest losing streak in a single season. 2:28 The Pistons suffered their 27th straight loss last Tuesday (December 26) when the Brooklyn Nets beat them 118-112.

Piston guard Cade Cunningham did his best with 41 points, but couldn’t top the 24 and 21 points of Cameron Johnson and Mikal Bridges, respectively. “We have to stick together,” Cunningham said after the game. “Now is the easiest time to stand up and be yourself, but we have to continue to lean on each other, push each other and hold each other accountable, now more than ever.

” Their NBA record 27th straight loss put them ahead of the 2010–2011 Cleveland Cavaliers and 2013–2014 Philadelphia 76ers, who both had 26 straight losses. The Detroit Pistons are now on the verge of tying another historic NBA sellout streak.

The Philadelphia 76ers went on a 28-game losing streak from the end of the 2014-2015 season to the beginning of the next, the NBA’s total losing streak. On Thursday (Dec. 28), the Pistons head to TD Garden to face the Eastern Conference leader Boston Celtics, who are clearly undefeated at home. Currently, Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are questionable, which could be just the asset the Pistons need to turn this season around. However, the Celtics still have Kristaps Porzingis, Jrue Holiday, Derrick White and Al Horford to help them win. Time will tell if the two streaks continue or both end Thursday night.

The Pistons are off to a good start this NBA season — to an extent. In October, they lost their opener to the Miami Heat by one point. 25 before going on a two-game hitting streak with wins over the Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls. All has been a loss since then.

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