“Playoff Hopes on Shaky Ground: Eagles Clinch Spot, but Uphill Battle Awaits After Heartbreaking Loss to Seahawks”

Don’t want to hear about the Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff prospects after a heartbreaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks? Can’t blame you. But the reality is that this team is in the postseason after officially clinching a spot on Sunday. Now we know they are not number one. It was an unlikely result after losses to both the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys. But it was theoretically possible that the Eagles would win and the Niners would close out the game. Philly is still mathematically alive for the #1 seed, but they would need more help than they are realistically getting. According to the New York Times Playoff Simulator, their first-round hopes dropped to 3 percent. If they beat Seattle, they would be at 28%. The Cowboys, who lost to the Buffalo Bill, gave the Eagles more room for error in winning the NFC East. If the Eagles win, they will likely win the division. On paper, their last three games should be winnable: New York Giants vs. Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants. Of course, it’s hard to trust the Eagles to get things done after seeing them lose three in a row. It’s even harder to trust the current version of the Eagles to beat a playoff team. The only hope is that there is time until the postseason starts and maybe this team catches fire up front. But it seems naive to believe that this will happen. It’s entirely possible that the season that was supposed to be about getting back to the Super Bowl and winning this time will end in the playoffs.

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