Purdy Reflects, Shanahan Weary of Interceptions Talk

Purdy Reflects, Shanahan Weary of Interceptions Talk

In a matchup of the NFL’s top two teams last week, the Ravens’ defense outlasted league MVP candidate Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers’ offense in a 33-19 victory at Leviand#039;s Stadium in Santa Clara . Entering the game, Purdy had thrown just seven interceptions in his last 15 games.

His four picks became a point of contention for his head coach, Kyle Shanahan. On Friday, Shanahan was asked by members of the media how Purdy felt about the poor performance against the Ravens, and he told everyone he was done talking about it. “Yeah, he was great,” Shanahan said.

“I don’t think it’s bad, but I’m so exhausted talking about the interceptions in the last game, but it was like every week and like every game. He takes each game at a time and tries to do his best. . Purdy, on the other hand, was completely open to discussing his poor play, whether Shanahan liked it or not. He didn’t defend himself against it, and he never shut down reporters when asked.

When this was pointed out to Shanahanand, he thanked Purdy. “I just think it’s him,” Shanahan said. – This is how he is when I lead him. He says what he thinks. I say what I think. He is a very humble man but very competitive. It’s just Brock. That’s how I see him talking to the people here.

He always takes responsibility. He doesn’t do it just because he knows how to talk to the media. That’s how he sees things. andquot;He always looks inside first, and he really feels it. Sometimes I think he’s too hard on himself in that regard. Not too hard on myself, that’s just the way he is. But it’s great that he never shows any disappointment. I think he has it pretty easy because I don’t think he has a lot of frustration with other people. I think he’s always thinking about what could be done better.

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