Purdy Seeks Redemption After Tough Game for 49ers

Purdy Seeks Redemption After Tough Game for 49ers

Brock Purdy led the charge after throwing four interceptions in the San Francisco 49ers’ 33-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. After the game, Purdy explained that he threw his first interception trying to make another aggressive decision after the 49ers made two big plays to move down the field and into the red zone.

His decision didn’t pay off, Kyle Hamilton intercepted the pass and Purdy realized he could have thrown the check instead of forcing the ball. “Heand is a very humble guy, but very competitive.

That and just Brock… Head is always in charge. He doesn’t do it just because he knows how to talk to the media and how he looks at things. He always looks inside first and really feels it.

“Sometimes I feel like he’s too hard on himself … I think he’s always thinking about what he can do better,” the 49ers said on NBC Sports. Considering how well Purdy has played in just two seasons, this is his worst game as a pro. Once the interceptions disappear after the first, it will be important for Purdy to have a short memory for those turnovers. Heand will get his first chance to return from action on Sunday against the Washington Commander.

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