Purdy’s Four Picks Challenge 49ers in Face-Off Against Ravens

Purdy’s Four Picks Challenge 49ers in Face-Off Against Ravens

A quarterback’s psyche must be crushed after four interceptions. You could say that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was influenced by the Baltimore Ravens to the point where he directed the ball to one spot instead of running it. Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey mentioned Purdy and talked about Baltimore’s plan coming into the game:

“We tried. He reads everything right. It was really hard to get him out. We felt that if we could get the lead, that might be our best chance. We were able to get a lead and some trade from him, but this guy is hard to stop.

He can read everything correctly. Even though he made mistakes tonight, he usually doesn’t make too many mistakes.” Kyle Shanahan shares what Brock can learn from the game: “I thought the biggest thing for Brock was how the first half went. I thought we just talked to Brock when he thought he struggled the most after four picks.

I thought his first choice was a bad mistake. I thought the next three were unlucky, there are no excuses for that, it’s just tough games of football and they played good games of football.

But it’s hard to play a lot of football when you have four picks and stuff, especially when you have a cover like that. I think it was the best experience for him. How to feel it, know what happened, know why it happened, and still have to go out and move it and play. I think this is the best experience you can get from this game.

The biggest thing for any player after a bad game is to wash it off. Turn the page and move on. Shanahan echoed a similar sentiment: “He’s just got to go ahead and treat it like a game. We appreciate the game. He’ll do it himself before I see him. I had time to watch it with him yesterday. I know it’s always tough when you have four picks and no touchdowns, especially when you have four with two minutes left in the third quarter. But you also study them all, talk to him about why they happened, what happened.

If you watch this game, it won’t be hard for him to bounce back and get to work this week. It has some bad plays, especially the first one. But looking at the tape, there’s nothing there, it’s very similar to training, which we do every week.” If Purdy ever had a defense against whom to “right,” Washington’s commanders.

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