Purdy’s Heroics Seal 49ers Playoff Triumph over Packers

Purdy’s Heroics Seal 49ers Playoff Triumph over Packers

Remember when Brock Purdy was the NFL MVP briefly during the 2023 regular season?Those who were happy to still doubt the surprise of the seventh round quickly jumped on Purdya #039. to anxiety for much of Saturday and the divisional round playoff game against the Packers.

That is, until Purdy led a classic fourth quarter drive that turned a potential setback into a 24-21 win. For those who asked if Purdy could make a game-winning drive with a big play, the answer was a resounding yes.Matt LaFleur praises Jordan Lovesand#039; performance and#039;23 in the season0 seconds 52 seconds Volume 0%Raining between Leviand#039;s Stadium and the Packersand#039; active passer, Purdy was gone, but he still defended the ball on a rough night (23-of-39, 252 yards, TD, 6.5 yards per attempt, 86.7 rating).

Most importantly, he made the big plays needed in the clutch to ensure his team advanced to the conference championship for the fourth time in five years.RELATED: Love, Purdy adds exciting end to Packers-49ers playoff legacyIn addition to pressure from Green Bay and a nervous home crowd, Purdy suffered another setback when he lost indispensable wide receiver Deebo Samuel (shoulder) early in the game.


Unsurprisingly, as he struggles to find his stride, Purdy has faced more criticism about whether he is truly 49ersand#039; franchise QB – present or future.Didn’t help that Purdy and #039; performance was compared to Lamar Jackson and Lamar Jackson’s stellar, MVP-clinching effort against the Texans in the AFC Divisional Finals, especially since Purdy was already Jackson’s backup. -matching one.


Even in the same game as Purdy, Jordan Love got all the love as the next superstar for the Packers, who lost to the Cowboys in Dallas.Purdy saved his best for last, but reminded doubters that he can also be a key part of another quarterback-heavy series as Captain Homecoming.


Help 49ersand#039; The defense blocked Amon late, Purdy was both the winner and the best QB on the field.Shockingly, since Purdy has been such a pass-rushing sensation over the last season and a half, he’s come away with just one fourth-quarter comeback and game-winning touchdown in his career.

Despite going 12-4 this year, he had no such accomplishments as the 49ers often outscored their opponents.As Purdyand#039;s first step in leading San Francisco to its first Super Bowl victory in 29 years, he had to use the glory of former 49ers legends. What would Joe Montana do with his arm? What would Steve Young do with his legs? They just dug deep to do whatever it took to outscore the opposition.

That’s what Purdy did.Purdy looked like he might be in for another massive yardage game when he ripped a 32-yard scoring strike to George Kittle to put the 49ers up 7-3 early in the second quarter. However, this rhythm was constantly disrupted, leading to several errant throws in some uncomfortable downs and distances.


When Christian McCaffrey sprinted for a 39-yard TD in the middle of the third quarter that gave the 49ers a short-lived 14-13 lead, it looked like they would ride their dominant, do-it-all back and elite rushing attack — not Purdy — to victory.


When Purdy could only lead a short field-goal drive after the 49ersand#039; first interception of Love, things went from bad to worse down 21-17 early in the fourth quarter.The Purdy who took the field facing that same deficit with 5:11 remaining was a lot different.


Coach Kyle Shanahan put him in complete command of the game, relying on Purdy’s aggressiveness in the air, often in the shotgun. Purdy ran the ball all over the field short, middle and deep, hitting five receivers on six attempts, including Kittle, McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk and two Samuels, Jauan Jennings and Chris Conley.


He forgot his previous inaccuracies, falls and lost connections with their receivers and relied only on his mind, eyes, hand and, yes, feet.Purdy did it himself, first on a QB slide conversion and then a heads-up 9-yard first-down rush in the red zone.


The latter easily set up McCaffrey’s second TD run one play later.Unfortunately, Purdy was often criticized for his looks alone, as he was fresh and not flashy or old fashioned enough to appeal to many. But those who have actually watched Purdy know it’s fiery and gutsy, channeling the best competitive ways Montana and Young have ever given the 49ers.

Purdy, when he’s on, throws the ball pretty deep and the 49ers just made big plays and scores. Purdy, when he’s out there, has now shown that he can be as dangerous as he is tough.In the late moments of the game against the Packers, Purdy didn’t hear the voices of social media, TV talking heads and big name radio shows. Purdy just made noise in San Francisco and let his play speak for itself. Now he has his sharpest comeback yet..

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