Purdy’s Redemption: 49ers QB Aims for Bounce Back After Tough Game

Purdy’s Redemption: 49ers QB Aims for Bounce Back After Tough Game

You can’t beat them all, as Brock Purdy admits he hit a home run on the big Christmas Eve. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is coming off the worst performance of his young NFL career. In Week 16, Purdy threw four interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens, the most in a single game by a 49ers QB since Colin Kaepernick in 2015.

Worst of all, they hit the ten-minute mark in the third quarter. However, the signal caller realizes his mistake and takes criticism from the national media on the chin. Purdy is fully aware of the tape and will review it as soon as possible to find out what happened. But sometimes a loss can be a developmental gain if Purdy uses his misfortunes to improve as quickly as possible.

“The game and the situation happened very quickly,” Brock Purdy said Thursday. “They came fast. In the second and third quarter, they score a lot of points and we have to play. Mentally, it was a good experience to take it one game at a time, figure out what we do in each game and not try to get back into the game with one or two explosives. “Those are things I had to learn. Towards the end, I was looking for big plays to get back into the game, as a quarterback.

Those are things I had to learn.” The Iowa State alum is now 18-5 as an NFL starter, and the pros dramatically outweigh the cons. However, Christmas 2023 was a shock to many, including Brock Purdy. The 49ers have a tendency to trail for a while, especially by more than one point. The Red and Gold under coach Kyle Shanahan are 0-38 when trailing by more than eight points entering the fourth quarter, and Purdy was partly to blame.

In a big slump, the young QB started looking for extended play, something San Francisco didn’t ask him to do. Result: Great defensive plays/transitions from a very athletic AFC player. Purdy admits he tried to overdo it against the Ravens in Week 16 because he needs to rely more on offense despite the poor scoring.

“A tight end is not in the right frame of mind to have an aggressive trigger to make a big throw and make a big play, but hit, you don’t want to turn the ball over again. It’s a weird state of mind. But it’s a learning experience that every play has a life and it doesn’t trying to win the game with big plays,” he explained.

The Gunslinger also relies on his throwing ability, so it’s a bit of a giveaway. Brock Purdy, 24, was an MVP candidate before the contest, second in the NFL in passing yards (4,050). In fact, the Arizona native is on pace to become the 49ers’ single-season passing leader in Week 17, possibly passing Jeff Garcia (4,278). Yes, he had a very bad game. But that doesn’t stop seventh-year QB Brock Purdy from focusing on the job.

“My process and routine is the same as it has been all year,” the QB stated. “It’s about the moment, the heat of the battle, the intelligent use of the ball, what the coaches ask. Apparently it’s smart. In terms of the process, I’m the same guy I’ve been preparing for the game with all year.

It’s all about the heat of battle.” Instead, Purdy uses outside noise and his own mistakes to his advantage, trying to exploit the chip on his shoulder that catapulted him up the quarterback rankings. “It’s a great learning experience for me not to worry about what’s going on and what’s being said,” Purdy said. “It’s about staying in the moment, making the right decisions, protecting the ball. I’m not saying I’ll be perfect going forward. It’s football, you’re not perfect.

“People can say things and you can buy into that. You’ve got to have a chip on your shoulder, put your head down, work, show your teammates week in and week out that you’re the guy. That mindset, along with his ability, is a key factor in why Shanahan and the 49ers feel so confident about their young QB. He is trainable and responds when his back is against the wall.

“I just think that’s who he is. That’s who he is when I coach him,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said of Purdy Friday. “He speaks his mind. I speak my mind. He’s a very humble guy, but very competitive. It’s just Brock. “I’ve seen him here talking to people.

He always takes responsibility. He doesn’t do it just because he can talk to the media. That’s how he sees things. He always looks inside first and really feels it. Sometimes I think he’s too hard on himself in that regard. Not too hard on myself, that’s just the way he is. But it’s great that he never shows any disappointment. I think he has it pretty easy because I don’t think he has a lot of frustration with other people. I think he’s always thinking about what could be done better.

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