Purdy’s Redemption: 49ers QB Aims for Comeback Against Washington

Purdy’s Redemption: 49ers QB Aims for Comeback Against Washington

Brock Purdy, coming off arguably the worst game of his short NFL career, has a lot to learn after throwing an uncharacteristic four interceptions for the 49ersand#039; a stunning 33-19 Christmas loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday at Leviand#039;s Stadium.

Coach Kyle Shanahan reviewed game tape with Purdy and shared his takeaways from the young quarterback and his performance. “Heand just has to move on and treat it like a game, and quot; Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday. And quot; We’re going to watch the game.

He’s going to do it on his own before I see him. I had time to watch it with him yesterday. I know it’s always tough when you have four picks and no touchdowns, especially when you have four with two minutes left in the third quarter. But you also study them all, talk to him about why they happened, what happened. andquot;If you watch this game, it won’t be hard for him to come back from it and get to work this week.

It has some bad plays, especially the first one. But if you watch the tape, it’s nothing, it’s very similar to the training we do every week.andquot; Purdy came back down to earth after weeks of NFL MVP hype. Now it’s up to him to try to fight back against the Washington Commander on Sunday.

Shanahan believes the four-catch game will be good for Purdyand’s development in the long run. andquot;I thought the biggest thing for Brock was how she went in the first half,andquot; Shanahan told reporters. andquot;I thought Brock and I were just talking and he thought he struggled the most after four picks. I thought his first choice was a bad mistake.

I thought the next three were unlucky with no excuses – they’re just tough games of football and they played good games of football. But it’s hard to play a lot of football when you have four picks and stuff, especially when you have a cover like that. andquot;I think it was the best experience for him. How to feel it, know what happened, know why it happened, and still have to go out and move it and play.

I think it’s the best gaming experience.andquot; Purdy, who suffered his second straight game with a concussion, participated fully in the 49ers’ practice on Wednesday. He should not be restricted until 17 weeks. The 49ers need Purdy to learn from his mistakes and right the ship quickly as they try to keep the number 1 seed in the NFC. A 4-11 commander could be just what the 24-year-old quarterback needs.

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