Purdy’s Redemption: 49ers QB Ready to Bounce Back Against Washington

Purdy’s Redemption: 49ers QB Ready to Bounce Back Against Washington

SANTA CLARA – Quarterback Brock Purdy says recurring nerve spasms in his left shoulder won’t keep him from playing in Sunday’s 49ers game at Washington Commander. As for his state of mind, he found learning experiences from the career-high four that he threw in Monday night’s 33-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Here are the quick and rough quotes from Purdy’s Thursday media availability: After nerve injections in the shoulder that caused pain and numbness in the left arm: “It was good.

It was treated a lot. Took the pain out of the whole shoulder and trap area. But it feels good. I’m good at this game.” On the threat of repeat points after surviving the first in their previous game in Arizona: “No one told me anything. I didn’t know until I got it again against the Ravens.

I think the nerve is more sensitive to the jab again. But with treatment, time and recovery, I can go on. everyone is different. I was good every game, then that bag, I landed on it just in time to go. But the feeling returned. It’s part of the game.” In the movie review: – I think our game plan was good, what we wanted to achieve. It was the execution part where I didn’t do a good enough job.

Our mood was good. I stayed to make it happen. Plays had to be done while watching the movie. We felt good. We were there and made things ring. I just wasn’t feeling well. “When we see them on the road, we’d love to play them, but we’ll take it one day at a time.” During the first ride: “We had two explosive plays, a third down and a second after that to George. That feeling when everything came together and it felt good, we called a play that wasn’t the right coverage.

I should have checked it. At that point, I was aggressive. We had two big plays and we wanted to put it on stage. It wasn’t the right decision. I have to grow out of it. I have to play the play correctly and not feed the emotions of the previous plays. It’s something I learned the hard way.

” aggressiveness “It’s a fine line to rip something that’s in a tight window or contested, but at the same time be smart about where the game is. I’ve played enough games where I know when to be aggressive and make a shot or control it. It depends on the situation. This is where I have to grow and invest in the experiences I have. “You’re a quarterback in the NFL, you have to take risks and take risks at the right time, and that’s what I’m learning now.” About this week’s preparations:

“My process and routine is the same as all year. It’s about the moment, the heat of the battle, being smart with the ball, asking the coaches. Apparently it’s smart. In terms of the process, I’m the same guy I’ve been preparing for the game with all year. It’s all about the heat of battle.” If everything could go wrong, it did: “It’s huge for me. Building it was a big game at Christmas and ‘Monday Night Football’ and it was a big game.

” “It’s a great learning for me, not paying attention to what’s happening and what’s being said around me. It’s about being in the moment, making the right decisions, protecting the ball. I’m not saying I’ll be perfect going forward. It’s football, you’re not perfect “People can say things and you can buy into that. You’ve got to have a chip on your shoulder, put your head down, work, show your teammates week in and week out that you’re the guy. In defense of Washington: “It starts with the guys up front, Nos. 93 and 94. They’ve been very disruptive throughout their careers and we respect them.

The guys in the secondary are what they do. It’s all about being smart with the ball, how we read the ball and move through it, and being efficient. We cannot become greedy. I need to revise and discipline my reading.” About how he washes away the bad moments –

The game and the situation went very fast. They got up quickly. There are a lot of points in the second and third quarter and we have to play the game. Mentally, it was a good experience to take it one game at a time, figure out what we do in each game and not try to get back into the game with one or two explosives. These are the things I had to learn.

In the end, I was looking for big plays to get back into the game as a quarterback. Those are the things I had to learn.” In support of teammates “It’s good to hear the guys are behind me. We understand the big picture of what we’re trying to do. A bad game like this sucks and you don’t want it to happen every time. These guys get it. They understand the quarterback position and how difficult it can be.

We’re going to try to win this week, take it one day at a time and get to where we need to be at the moment.” About mindset – The quarterback is not in the right frame of mind because he has an aggressive shot to make a big throw and a big play, but the shot doesn’t want to turn the ball over again. It’s a strange state of mind. But it’s a learning experience that every game has life and it’s not trying to win the game with big plays.”

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