Ravens’ Dominance Continues: Lamar Jackson Eyes Super Bowl

“Ravens’ Dominance Continues: Lamar Jackson Eyes Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens are the most dangerous team in the NFL in 2023. Lamar Jackson said as much after they beat the San Francisco 49ers in a pre-Christmas showdown. Brock Purdy and the 49ers entered the game as slight favorites riding a six-game winning streak with two MVP candidates (Purdy and Christian McCaffrey). However, Jackson and the Ravens proved to be the better team and dominated from start to finish, winning 33-19.

The Ravens made Purdy dead after being recognized as the surefire MVP of their hot streak, forcing him into four interceptions and preventing him from completing a pass. With a 14-point victory over the 49ers, the Ravens also confirmed their position as the best team in the NFL.

After all, they now face three division leaders in the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and 49ers and have been outscored 94-32. Against the Lions in Week 7, Jackson and Co. destroyed them 38-6. Then there was a 23-7 win against the Jaguars just last week. Lamar Jackson talked about their performance against the NFL’s top teams in his postgame presser.

He emphasized that the secret of their success is simple: “We play our best under pressure.” “We stay calm. We stay locked in no matter how we see the game, no matter how loud the crowd is, no matter how hard the defense hits us. We just stay locked in,” Jackson continued. That kind of confidence is definitely what you want to hear from your franchise quarterback.

The Baltimore Ravens improved to 12-3 on the season. For the best record in the NFL, and much of that can be attributed to the team’s consistent performance against the best teams in the league. Baltimore’s only losses this season have come against the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, all by single digits. If the Ravens can maintain their style of play, it really isn’t hard to see them competing for a Super Bowl.

Lamar Jackson Doesn’t Want Baltimore Ravens To Be Overconfident

Despite the Baltimore Ravens’ convincing win over the San Francisco 49ers, Lamar Jackson doesn’t want his teammates to settle.

They face the Miami Dolphins in Week 17, and Jackson understands the threat of the AFC’s second-best team behind them. “This is a great Dolphins team, so we have to come out ready,” Jackson said in an interview with Lisa Salters following Monday Night Football’s David Furones in the South Florida Sun-Guardian.

While the Ravens play well against top teams like the Dolphins, Jackson wants them to stay focused and focus on the game. Truly, this is the type of team that is hard to beat for any other competitor.

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