Ravens Eye 49ers’ Davis-Price for Depth Boost

Ravens Eye 49ers’ Davis-Price for Depth Boost

San Francisco 49ers running back Tyrion Davis-Price could have seen his next destination on Christmas Eve. The Baltimore Ravens, who beat the 49ers 33-19 on Monday, need depth, and Bleacher Report suggested Davis-Price as an option. He has played sparingly for the 49ers this season, with six carries of 21 yards this season.

“Keaton Mitchell’s season-ending injury last week was a disappointment for the Ravens offense,” wrote the Bleacher Report staff. “They brought in Melvin Gordon III from the practice squad, but the veteran doesn’t have nearly the same juice as Mitchell.

Finding a younger back on another practice squad could be a move. “Tyrion Davis-Price ran a 4.48 40-yard dash and weighed 211 pounds. He’s played in just seven games since the Niners drafted him in the third round, but he should be on the active roster if the Ravens are looking to add a defensive back. before the postseason,” they continued Staff at Bleacher Report.

Davis-Price has 120 yards and 40 carries in seven games with the 49ers. San Francisco also played him on special teams in 2022 with 23 snaps, but he didn’t play on special teams this year. The 49ers waived Davis-Price from the practice squad once last month to make room for safety Logan Ryan.

But San Francisco signed Davis-Price to the practice squad a few days after signing Ryan. If the Niners were to lose Davis-Price to the Ravens, it would hurt the team’s backfield depth, with third baseman Jordan Mason out this week with an illness. The 49ers originally acquired Davis-Price with the 93rd pick in the 2022 draft from LSU.

49ers Assistant Coach Believes Running Game Could Have Done More vs. Ravens

San Francisco backed Christian McCaffrey despite 103 yards in the passing game against the Ravens. Niners running game coordinator/offensive line coach Chris Foerster believes the running game could have done more Monday amid the team’s passing woes. – I felt very good during the week that we can play football against them. I think we also felt good about some of the things we had in the passing game, Foerster told reporters Thursday. “Obviously, Kyle [Shanahan] is going to do what he’s going to do with the calls, and when he makes them, we’re going to do our best.”

Kyle Shanahan Says Ravens Game ‘Was Just a Loss’

Whether or not the Ravens take Davis-Price off the practice squad, the 49ers will want Baltimore in the rearview mirror when they face the Washington Commanders in Week 17. Much has been made of San Francisco’s loss to the AFC. top team, but Shanahan played it down. importance “It was just a loss.

You play a good team and you have five innings and all those penalties, it makes it hard to win,” Shanahan told reporters on Tuesday. “I liked the way our guys battled at the end. I wish we could have scored on the last drive and had that shot there.” “I thought it would be great to try three overtime onside kicks and have a chance to go in and run,” Shanahan continued. “But when you play a little carelessly with those turnovers and penalties and against a good team, it makes it hard to win.”


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