“Sean Mannion Retires, Joins Packers’ Coaching Staff”

“Sean Mannion Retires, Joins Packers’ Coaching Staff”


Former Rams, Vikings and Seahawks QB Sean Mannion is ending his nine-year NFL playing career and has accepted a position on the Packers’ coaching staff, ESPN’s Brady Henderson reported on Feb. 3.

Mannion, 31, was drafted by St. Louis in the 2015 draft. Louis Rams third round pick. A reliever throughout his career, Mannion landed with the Vikings in 2019, where his value to the team was primarily in the bullpen. To Kirk, Sean was more than a classmate.

When you have a first-time coordinator like Klint Kubiak, you really want someone who can break things down as eloquently, quickly and with experience as Mannion,” KFAN’s Paul Allen said in August 2022.

“So when people were like Sean Mannion can ‘I play and he’s our backup, it’s hard to argue with that, but Cousins ​​benefited from Mannion’s side..

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