She said! Yes,I do!❤️ Congratulations to Jalen Hurt and his girlfriend Bry Burrows on their engagement! Forever!

She said! Yes,I do!❤️ Congratulations to Jalen Hurt and his girlfriend Bry Burrows on their engagement! Forever!



“In a heartwarming moment filled with love and excitement, Jalen Hurt and his girlfriend Bry Burrows have taken their relationship to the next level by getting engaged! The couple, who have been together for several years, decided to make their commitment official and embark on a journey of a lifetime together.


Jalen, a talented athlete known for his dedication and hard work, surprised Bry with a romantic proposal that left her speechless. Friends and family were in on the secret and eagerly awaited the big moment, which took place at a picturesque location that held special meaning for the couple.


As Jalen got down on one knee and asked Bry to be his partner for life, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The joy and love radiating from the couple were palpable, and everyone present could feel the depth of their connection.

Social media platforms quickly lit up with messages of congratulations and well wishes for the newly engaged couple. Fans, friends, and well-wishers flooded their feeds with heartfelt comments, expressing their excitement and support for Jalen and Bry’s new chapter.


Jalen and Bry’s engagement is not only a celebration of their love but also a reminder of the power of commitment and partnership. Their journey together has been filled with ups and downs, but their unwavering support for each other has been a constant source of inspiration.


As they begin planning their future, Jalen and Bry are looking forward to creating a life filled with love, adventure, and shared dreams. They have always been vocal about their desire to make a positive impact on the world, and their engagement signifies a deeper commitment to that mission.


In the midst of their joy, Jalen and Bry are also taking the opportunity to give back. They have announced that a portion of their wedding funds will be donated to a charitable organization close to their hearts. Their generosity and compassion continue to inspire others to make a difference in their communities.


On this special occasion, let’s raise a toast to Jalen Hurt and Bry Burrows, celebrating their engagement and the love that brought them together. May their journey be filled with endless love, laughter, and beautiful memories. Cheers to their forever!”


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