Sirianni: Offense Struggles, I Own It

Sirianni: Offense Struggles, I Own It


The Philadelphia Eagles reshuffled their defensive lineup last week, moving Matt Patricia to the role of defensive coordinator Sean Desai, but they didn’t make any personnel changes on the offensive end, despite holding up to 19 points. in each of three straight losses. And head coach Nick Sirianni was asked about it this week.

Nick Sirianni made it clear in a press conference that he thinks any criticism of the struggling offense should be directed at him instead of offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, because Sirianni is the designer of the offense, even though Johnson calls the plays.

“We need to put players in more positions to create explosive plays,” Sirianni said. “But make no mistake, this offense is exactly the same as last year and the year before. This crime is my crime; right? This is my insult. So I think the criticism of the offense falls unfairly on Brian.

Brian calls the plays. Brian calls the plays. This is unfair to Brian. Criticism of this crime should be directed at me because it is my crime. I was hired here to do this job and I was hired because I was successful as an offensive coordinator in our schemes and the different things we did to coach the players and win the players.

I am committed to it. Like I said, the criticism should be directed at me, and I think it’s often unfairly directed at Brian because he calls the plays.” Whoever is to blame, it’s clear that what the Eagles have been doing the last few games just isn’t working. We’ll have to see what adjustments they make as a result.

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