Star Player’s Tearful Exit: 49ers Face Uncertain Future Without Key Talent

Star Player’s Tearful Exit: 49ers Face Uncertain Future Without Key Talent


Derek Carr has been the Raiders’ starting quarterback since 2014 and has been in the rumor mill almost every season since 2017.Either way, it’s been talk and no substance.


At his peak, Carr is a top-12 quarterback and sometimes better.For the first time since the Raiders entered Sunday’s Week 17 home opener against the 49ers (11-4) at Allegiant Stadium with a 6-9 record, Carr’s future with the Raiders is uncertain.


Carr’s contract terms have coach Josh McDaniels, general manager Dave Ziegler and owner Mark Davis thinking long and hard about bringing him back for his 10th season in silver and black.Hernaiz on his thoughts for 2024NextStay was a team friendly deal with a lot of fluff. If Carr is still on the roster three days after the Super Bowl, he will be guaranteed more than $40 million in 2023-24.

If Carr had been injured in the final two games, the Raiders could have been on the hook for all the money. When McDaniels was asked Monday about his suspension, he dodged the question, saying the entire roster has issues to consider, not just Carr.

But that didn’t exactly support Carr, and if Jarrett Stidham starts against the 49ers, we’ll have an answer.If the Raiders had made the playoffs this year as planned, everyone would have been happy. Instead, the Raiders, who clinched a surprising wild-card spot, were competitive enough to play tough, bad teams to endure stunningly embarrassing losses.

Carr has long been a polarizing figure, and those in his corner are looking at just another Raider defense that can’t stop anyone when it matters. They’ve lost five games by seven or more points at halftime, and if you think Carr can make an excuse for that, you haven’t been paying attention.He lost tight end Darren Waller and slot receiver Hunter Renfrow for much of the season, but few quarterbacks have had consistent producers like Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs.

It’s obvious that Carr hasn’t adjusted to McDaniels’ system after a lot of freedom under Jon Gruden and every other Raiders coach and coordinator since 2014.Carr has always struggled in the red zone and his 14 interceptions lead the NFL after 14 elections a year ago. That’s 28 interceptions in his last 32 games, including nine in his last five games. And while it’s true that some of the interceptions were out of the hands of receivers, it’s also true that in some cases, better ball placement could have prevented it.25-20 loss against high school coach Jeff Saturday and the Colts could have been avoided if Carr had delivered in overtime.



Ditto a 17-16 loss to the Rams when Baker Mayfield beat Carr with two days of preparation.The Raiders could survey the landscape and decide they prefer to stick with a familiar quarterback at Carr’s salary as a permanent veteran starter while they search for a potential successor.It’s also possible that Carr leaves, and he’s said more than once that he has before playing for anyone but the Raiders.

He prepared to be a preacher for years and almost retired as a novice before having a brief crisis of conscience before deciding he could do God’s work later in life.Carr last played for the 49ers in November. 1. 2018 in Thursday night massacre at Levi’s. Under Gruden, the Raiders beat a bad 49ers team 34-3, with Nick Mullens throwing a near perfect game against an Oakland team that just traded Amari Cooper.

The Raiders are way better than this version and the 49ers are also light years better than the 2018 version.As for Carr, who has a career record of 63-79, his uncertainty is very real compared to the crazy speculation of years past.FUNDS OF THE GAME: Sunday at 1:05 p.m.

(Fox) at Allegiant Stadium. ODS: 49 men (-6).San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy passes in the third quarter against the Washington Commander at Leviand#039;s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Dec. 24, 2022. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)49ers quarterback Brock Purdy received 23- for the year, but played like a seasoned veteran after being coached by Jimmy Garoppolo. Karl Mondon/Bay Area News GroupTHREE CASES FOR OPTIMISM FOR 49ERSStill in the huntIf the 49ers beat the Raiders and Arizona (4-11) and the Vikings (12-3) lose on the road. Green Bay (7-8) or Chicago (3-12) move up to number 2 and are guaranteed two home games in the playoffs.


This is a big deal.Philadelphia (13-2) would have to lose to both New Orleans (6-9) and the New York Giants (8-6-1) to surrender the number 1 seed to the 49ers. While it doesn’t seem likely, the status of quarterback Jalen Hurts’ throwing shoulder remains a mystery, and they lost valuable right tackle Lane Johnson.Purdy’s strengthConsidering the quality of opposing defenses, rookie quarterback Brock Purdy could be strong against the Raiders and Cardinals considering what he has already done against Miami, Tampa Bay, Seattle and Washington.Also, it was exactly Tuesday Purdy’s birthday.

Now he is a wise old man at the age of 23 years.Better health means good spiritsIt’s been a while, but the news has been positive again with Washington’s victory. Javon Kinlaw had 16 tackles and could go down the stretch. Deebo Samuel and Elijah Mitchell might start practice but likely won’t see action until the finals. Jimmy Garoppolo is from the cast.It would be hard for the 49ers to feel better both physically and mentally in the playoffs with the Raiders in the series. Again..

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