Tragic Loss Strikes 49ers Family: Beloved Former Player Passes Away at 45

Tragic Loss Strikes 49ers Family: Beloved Former Player Passes Away at 45


According to Killingsand#039; wife, Shavon, died after suffering from pancreatic cancer, according to CBS affiliate KHOU.andquot;My love, my best friend, my husband of 21 years is no longer with me physically, but he lives in my heart and in the hearts of our three children,andquot; he wrote on Facebook.

I was comforted to know that he is resting and not in pain, but I am still lost and cannot believe that this is true.andquot;If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him, you already know how special he is.

A brilliant person in every way. I’m not just saying this as his wife, it’s echoed by family, friends and former teammates.

It was an honor to share life with him and love and be loved by him.andquot;So grateful for everything. I love you all my life. Our love will live strong for generations to come.

Former Texans teammate Travis Johnson tweeted a tribute: and quot;It hurts. We are praying for Shavon and the children. Rest in power Big Ced Kills retired from the NFL in 2007 after suffering a C-4 vertebral fracture during the Texans’ comeback against the Indianapolis Colts.

The injury forced him to extend from the field and it was said that he has no lower body sense and quot; According to KHOU.Kills could stand again the next morning.Kills had three career sacks and 41 tackles.

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