Trent Williams Returns for 14th Season with 49ers, Targets Record 11th Pro Bowl

Trent Williams Returns for 14th Season with 49ers, Targets Record 11th Pro Bowl

Great news for the San Francisco 49ers.All Pro left fielder Trent Williams announced today that he will return to play in 2024 for his 14th season. Asked about his future playing, Williams said, “Oh yeah, 100 percent.”The 49ers should be happy about this news.

It was unknown if Williams would return next year, especially since last season ended. Williams was uncertain about his future and whether he would play in 2023. He disagreed, and his skepticism in boots on an injured ankle painted a grim picture.

Williams clearly wants to avoid that ambiguity when he confirms he will return to the 49ers next year.Itand#039; not strictly based on winning the Super Bowl either.


Williams is aiming for the record books, thanks in large part to accolades like being named to his 11th consecutive Pro Bowl.andquot;I’m not an emotional person. I didn’t cry or anything, so don’t write this, but it picked me up a little bit, andquot; Williams said I just remember dreaming about making my first Pro Bowl and just thinking, and#039;What do I have to do to be in this conversation? What should I do? and#039; And now, fast forward, I’m in my 11th straight Pro Bowl .

And it’s one of those moments where you’re like, you and you work so hard, you and you work so hard, you look back and you’re like and#039;Dang, I accomplished all of this. and# 039; I want to break the savings record and that is a big thing for me.

So I must have fallen on my knees and thanked God because it wasn’t allowed. You can have an amazing Hall of Fame career and still not see 11 Pro Bowls. So I’m very proud of that.andquot;It also means the 49ers don’t have to feel the pressure to find his replacement just yet. So the focus is and should be on improving the right tackle position so they can plan for a future Williams trade..

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