Uncertain Future for Randy Gregory with 49ers

Uncertain Future for Randy Gregory with 49ers

When the San Francisco 49ers grabbed Randy Gregory in October and traded him from the Broncos on the brink of collapse in Denver, it was seen as a coup for a team that was already shaping up to be the best in the league. NFC. Gregory was a bit of a snake-bitten player, but a spot on the 49ers’ roster felt good. After battling injuries for most of his career in Dallas, Gregory had a breakout year in his fifth season, signing a five-year, $70 million contract in 2022. Gregory, however, was not fully invested in Bronco.

And while he wasn’t a bad addition to the 49ers’ rushing roster, he didn’t solve the team’s problem of a quality running back against star Nick Bosa. Gregory played 221 snaps, or 33% of the snaps, on defense for the 49ers this season. And while the 49ers have a ton of offseason financial decisions to make, Gregorio could be a major decision — he’s actually a 2024 “roster bubble,” according to Spotrac’s contract experts.

“Randy Gregory was added at the trade deadline to bolster an already ridiculous 49ers D-Line. San Francisco could free up all $14 million in salary next year going forward,” wrote analyst Mike Ginnitti.


Randy Gregory’s Salary Was a Problem


Randy Gregory’s salary made him unwanted in Denver and largely unwanted on the trade market. He was also unwelcome in Denver when coach Sean Payton pulled Gregorio from the starting lineup in October and replaced him with second-year player Nik Bonito.

Gregory suffered a knee injury last season and played in just five games. Health was an important subject for Gregory in his return to Dallas, playing in 50 of a possible 81 games. “We just felt like those other guys played better,” Payton said in October. – It happens in this league. Shoot, we want the best players. It was a combination of things, but yeah, those other guys have stepped up and are playing better. The same thing happened in San Francisco.

The 49ers’ roster could easily accommodate Gregory off the bench when he arrived, but he continued to look for a more reliable upgrade. They got it from Washington in the Chase Young trade at the deadline.

49ers Roster Spot at Stake?

Randy Gregory is the forgotten acquisition of the 49ers trade this year. It’s doubtful he has a future in San Francisco after this season, but his work with the 49ers could ensure he continues his career at age 31. A deep playoff run will go a long way to ensure that.

And if Young receives a mega-contract offer next year that proves too rich for the 49ers, perhaps the team will try to keep Gregory, albeit at a lower contract. Gregorio said after the inning that he understands the importance of the rest of the season after what happened in Denver. “I think I have everything where it needs to be,” he told The Athletic. – Mentally, if I feel that way, I’m pretty good.

My family life is pretty good at the moment. The children are happy. I have a newborn so I’m a bit worried about that – I want to be home with him. But I understand what you are talking about. I’m a big boy and I’ve got a job to take care of.”

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