Warriors Showcase Kuminga’s Skills in Late-Game Plays

Warriors Showcase Kuminga’s Skills in Late-Game Plays


Wow, did the Warriors run Jonathan Kuminga’s “favorite play” late in the third quarter after Stephen Curry decided to give Klay Thompson some last-second heroics in the previous frame? Check out our game notes below.

I took a poll at halftime to ask the crowd if Curry should have passed the ball to Kuminga to end the half. JK actually got a screen set by Thompson and Klay somehow dribbled through a thick Atlanta defense to get rid of the running banker at the buzzer.

75% of those who voted answered yes (like me) in favor of Kuminga. get the last shot. Even leading a 12-point team at the time, my conclusion that a decade-long habit of “getting the ball to Steph (or Klay)” seemed nearly impossible to break when I wrote more than two weeks ago. . And yet, only twelve minutes into the game, Klay found Draymond Green on a short layup, which then found JK cutting the baseline, which then – oh! — gropes at Green’s plate from the bench) to end Q3, but I’ll take it. Slowly we see the vets start to get the ball to JK. Again, my first realization of this was when Curry went to feed Jonathan at the Chicago Post Office..

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