Young 49ers QB Brock Purdy’s Maturity Earns Team Respect

Young 49ers QB Brock Purdy’s Maturity Earns Team Respect

Despite being only 24 years old, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy handles criticism with a level of maturity that is not common in today’s NFL.Despite being an MVP candidate, the second-year signal caller takes responsibility for his mistakes and never shirks blame or accountability to his teammates or coaches.

All-Pro edge rusher Nick Bosa noted Purdy’s impressive demeanor over the past two seasons and praised the Iowa State product on Thursday.

“Yeah, [Purdy’s approach] is definitely unique in today’s game,” Bosa told reporters. “People feel attacked and want to protect themselves in certain things. But it shows [Purdy’s] maturity and understanding that things happen on the field for a reason.

And honesty is a good way to do things. On almost every play, you can explain exactly what went wrong.Playing on the defensive side of the ball, Bosa continues to appreciate Purdy’s role in San Francisco’s offense and how he makes mistakes.

“I think it’s interesting when Kyle [Shanahan] explains things offensively [to the defense]. It’s simple things and a simple move that maybe was a little late and broke the game or someone missed a block. I think just being honest is a good way to go about your life, and [Purdy] is mature beyond his years.


“Purdy’s consistency as a leader makes him an easy player for his teammates and fans. Just last week, Purdy immediately thought about his fans and teammates when he found out he would be playing in his first NFL His Pro Bowl.”What an honor,” Purdy said last Thursday.

“So grateful to everyone who voted and all the support from around the world . country It’s so cool. And for all my teammates, it’s amazing to be recognized. Weand have a special team, a special unit, but it is a great honor to be with them.

Very grateful for that before 49ersand#039; During a possible Super Bowl run, Purdy showed that his excellence is not limited to the gridiron, but carries into the film room and press.Bosa’s praise for the sophomore signal caller is echoed by Purdy supporters everywhere..

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