“Drew Lock’s Late-Game Magic Lifts Seahawks Over Eagles, Ends Four-Game Skid”

andquot;Nobody will forget that game,andquot; head coach Pete Carroll said. Prior to the final drive, Lock had managed just 116 passing yards in 58 minutes. On the final drive, Lock completed 5-of-10 attempts for 92 yards and the game-winning score to Smith-Njigba. The drive included two conversions on third-and-10s, including the touchdown strike to Smith-Njigba. andquot;That was a lot of fun. I mean, it was more than fun, andquot; Locke said. andquot;I can’t find the right word for it right now. It was a blast. One of those classic NFL games.andquot; The Seahawks had come from behind all night as the Eagles marched right down the field for a 15-play, 75-yard drive that opened up a 7-0 lead. Ken Walker III’s touchdown run tied the game at 10–10 early in the third quarter, but Philadelphia immediately answered with another long field goal to take the lead. The Eagles may have been one first down away from running out the clock, but Jalen Hurts’ third-down pass to Dallas Goedert was brilliantly defended and forced a punt to give Seattle one last chance. And when the opportunity presented itself, Lock and the Seahawks came crashing through the door to steal the win. andquot;Just beautiful football,andquot; Carroll said. andquot;The group we talked to you about last week. There he was. Head#039; was in it. The head led. A couple of misses on that drive, came right back and hit it, converted and made first downs, all to throw the football to win the game. Amazing stuff. Here are highlights from the critical 20-17 win over the Eagles: – Editing by Drew Lock. It’s not easy to sit and watch every week you want to play. And make no mistake, Lock wants to play. He also knows that heand#039;s not the starting quarterback of the Seahawks. Thatand#039;s Geno Smithand#039;s job and heand#039;s just keeping the seat warm. Carroll even reiterated after the game that if Smith is healthy next week, he will be back in the starting lineup against the Tennessee Titans. But that didnand#039;t mean Lock couldnand#039;t capitalize on the opportunity in front of him on Monday night against the Eagles. andquot;You don’t get very many chances in this league,andquot; Locke said. andquot;You have to be as prepared as possible for every opportunity because you won’t get many of them. I was excited that we were able to come out and play like we did tonight and win. This is one of two opportunities to start this year. I was emotional. I was emotional about myself, but I was emotional about these guys in this locker room. Itand#039;s been a rough couple weeks. We needed a win to pull us back, get our spirits back up. Thatand#039;s what we did here tonight as a team. We did it as a team.andquot; The smile on Lockand#039;s face after Smith-Njigba scored could likely be seen from the upper deck of Lumen Field. Lock was shown sharing a moment with Smith, who was rooting for him from the sidelines after the score as well. andquot;Thatand#039;s like an unsung hero in these last two weeks,andquot; Lock said of Smith. andquot;The encouragement heand#039;s given me, the pep talks here and there, helping in the film room. It was cool when roles flipped, I was going to have to be the starter, he was doing the same thing for me as I was trying to do for him. Thatand#039;s just an unselfish dude in there. I appreciate him more than words can describe. Talking to me before the two-minute, Youand#039;re the best player on this field, youand#039;re going to lead us down this field right now, go get it done, things like that. Itand#039;s really cool.andquot; Lock hit DK Metcalf for 18 yards to get Seattleand#039;s final drive started. Another third down conversion to Metcalf came with a circus catch from Metcalf as he kept the ball off the turf pinned to his side despite coverage from Eagles cornerback James Bradberry. Then another throw to Metcalf for 34 yards on third-and-10 pushed the Seahawks into Philadelphia territory as the clock ticked under a minute. Then after consecutive incompletions on throws for Tyler Lockett, Lock found the one-on-one matchup between Smith-Njigba and Bradberry and attacked. Smith-Njigba ran straight past Bradberry and Lock threw over the Eagles defense which Smith-Njigba scored for the point. andquot;We filled that call on the first third down, on the first drive,andquot; Locke said. andquot;In that one, we didn’t use the one-on-one ball element for Jax. We had a man (cover) on the first time. My plan was to do the conceptual side first, in the first trimester I would get the invitation. andquot;I will end the conversation. Shane [Waldron] reminds me on the headset, don’t forget Jax is against if you get him. Okay, turn around and hey, you get the ball if you get one on one here. We’ve already played with it on the front end. Who knows how they will play with the concept that they have seen and felt in the game before. Sure, they gave us one at a time. Kind of a perfect look. We had the angle, the pace of Jax and#039;took that ball, spilled it, put it in the back corner.andquot; The result was a victory that broke the team’s four-game losing streak, one of the best records in the NFC, and greatly strengthens the Seahawksand#039; opportunities to play in the postseason. andquot; We gathered behind him and we believe in him, andquot; said running back Ken Walker III. andquot;It’s great to see him there. He trains hard. He knows everything. He’s getting his chance and that’s great to see.andquot; And speaking of Walker… – Ken Walker III with a great performance trying to keep Seattle going. Although the passing game had a lot of work to do before the final drive of the game, it was

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